Saturday, February 15, 2014

Twitter Your Way to Instant Traffic

As you likely know, Twitter is something of a blend between blogging and social networking. Technically it's a micro-blogging medium because you're limited to just 140 characters per post.
With such a limitation, can Twitter actually be used for driving traffic to your website? Let's take a look...

Obviously with just 140 characters to work with you have to make the most of every word. You have to capture attention quickly in each “tweet” (the name for a post on Twitter).

Starting out is a slow process. You won't have any followers so you'll have few readers. You can promote your Twitter feed in various ways, such as encouraging people to follow you on your site, linking it up with your blog, linking it up in forums you belong to, and by following other people with similar interests or a similar purpose and hope they follow you back.

Once you do start getting some followers, their friends see your posts and profile on your followers feed. If your tweets are useful, or interesting, or entertaining, they may start following you, too.

Every time you post a new tweet, each of your followers receives it in their Twitter feed, and they could see it on their computers and/or their cell phone if they've set it up that way.

Sending regular tweets can help build a connection with your followers. Don't just send any old thing though, make each post count. If you write reviews on new software, for example, then you want to let your followers know when you have a new review for them. For me, a tweet goes out automatically when a new issue of this newsletter is posted.

You can send a tweet each time you add a new blog post or web page to your site. Remember to save room at the end to add the URL.

A lot of people search Twitter to find items of interest. If you word your tweets wisely, using a relevant keyword, your posts might be found searchers, enabling you to gain followers for very little effort.

Used wisely, Twitter can help create interest in your site and help further your brand. Even with these short posts you can set up your identity in a way that draws more followers to your niche.

Twitter is a delight to some and baffling to others. You really have to get into it to understand what’s happening. Look at other Twitterers and see how many ways they're using tweets to set their brand, establish a persona, show expertise or drive traffic to their sites.

The instant gratification of Twitter is part of its attraction. There is also a viral potential. Retweets, when someone tweets a tweet someone else made, can grow exponentially, creating a viral storm.

Retweeting is another way to gain followers. When you retweet someone else's tweet, it shows up in the original Twitterer's feed. If hey see it they may check out your Twitter feed and follow you. If the original tweet came from a users with a lot of followers, you could gain many new followers at once, and even more over time.

These are just some of the ways to use Twitter to drive traffic to your site, 140 characters at a time. And now, Here is an ebook with 101 Twitter tips . . . for free  Download 101 Twitter Tips                                              
Source: Boogie Jack Newsletter #274 2/1/14