Friday, April 3, 2009


Here are some things to consider relative to spring cleaning a website:

  • Give your website, especially your home page, a facelift. Redo your banner/header, replace old graphics with new ones, change colors if and where appropriate, and write a new introduction.

  • Update your content: messages, keywords, products, services, pricing, locations, contacts, etc. Remember, like cash, “Content is King.”

  • Clean-up dead links, outdated information, etc. People get annoyed and frustrated when encountering out-of-date information and more especially, broken links.

  • Consider adding new features/content to your website; such as:
    • What’s New page
    • Resources Page
    • FAQ and/or Tips Page

  • Also, if you are in the business of selling products or services, consider offering a printable discount coupon as an incentive for your website viewers.

Remember, Spring is a time of renewal and it is a good time to clean up your website as well as your house. A stale and outdated website turns off views. So take this opportunity to refresh and renew your site. This will send the message to viewers that you are very much alive and well!

Happy cleaning…