Monday, March 2, 2009

Picking A Good Domain Name Is Important!

You can't underestimate how important choosing a good domain name is. Let’s take a look at what makes a good domain name:

1. It is short – Until people bookmark your site name, the fewer keystrokes, the more likely it will be that a potential visitor will land on your site the first and every time.

2. It is easy to remember – People will not waste time trying to think of what your website name is.

3. It is easy to spell – Watch out for the spelling impaired and fat-fingered typists (like me).

4. It is descriptive or brandable – A name that goes without saying!

5. If possible avoid hyphens and numbers. Though there may be instances where these may be appropriate; e.g. or

6. It has a .com extension if at all possible for a commercial business. However, organizations should consider the .org extension and with the continuous growth of the number of sites in the world wide web, in some cases commercial operations may have to consider either the .net or .biz extensions.