Friday, February 4, 2011

Key Factors 4 a Good Website

Making a website is easy. But making the “perfect” website takes more work than a simple use of html. Therefore we see a lot of poor websites that have bad design, wrong text, boring content etc. So here are the key factors that make the difference between a bad website and the perfect website.
• Name of the website:
Your page title should speak for you. Page title should not be too long and should be content based. The title should go with the content and the topic of the page. The title should be descriptive enough so that the users are not misled.
• The Content:
The content must be interesting and useful to the user. The content should engage visitors and keep on making them come back for more. Nice graphics and icons cannot hold back visitors if the content is bad. They might get offended and never visit the website again, so the matter must be good enough for the users to visit again and again.
Proper Spelling and Grammar:
Incorrect spelling and grammatical mistake can ruin a web site completely. So it is better check it before somebody else catches you mistakes.
• Proper Layout:
Now comes the layout part. The layout must be simple and clear. As all the browsers are not same so before launching the web site it must be tested. Proper use of font size is another thing you should keep in your mind. Always try to use the standards/popular font, over using of images can make the website look very messy and cheap. Website must look simple; the simpler it will be the more it will be soothing to the eyes.
• Quantity of the Page:
It is not an essay or article which should be lengthy or boring; it is web content so it must be short yet full of information and interesting. Articles and web content are two different things. You can write a very long article but writing for web content is completely different. Web content should be brief and short. The normal index page should be the ideal length of the page; the page should carry proper information which the users need.
• Using Appropriate Keywords for “links”:
Use proper keywords for links; use innovative, catchy words rather than words such as “click here”, only then will it attract the users. Link should not go beyond the content of your site, so the link must be a part of your content. So choose a standard link for your page.
• Helping the users:
Getting the proper feedback from the users is a very important and crucial part for every web site developer. Sometimes users can encounter a problem while surfing your site, so you must be ready to help your users to rectify their problem and clear the doubts. This can be done by another link, the “contact us” link, which aims to serve the users helping them to enjoy surfing the site in a better way.

These factors can go a long way in making your website perfect!